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This is the place to find out all about me – Sam Hay, and the books I write. 

I'm the author of more than 40 books for children of all ages. There’s something for everyone – from penguin secret agents and zombie animal action to seaside ghosts and exciting picture books. Click on the tabs above to find out more. 

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Latest Books ......

Spy Penguins 2, the Spy Who Loved Ice Cream is coming out in September 2019. With book 3, Golden Egg to follow in 2020.  Awesome artwork by Marek Jagucki


Coming Soon ....

It’s Christmas Eve and all the staff in the department store are on their way home for Christmas. All except one . . . Clawdia, the department store’s security cat! She doesn’t see the point in silly festive celebrations and would much rather prowl the corridors making sure everything is in order. But when three visitors turn up, they teach Clawdia about the true meaning of Christmas. Illustrated by Helen Shoesmith.

Out in November 2019.

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Latest News 

Star in the Jar by me and the amazing Sarah Massini is being made into a stage show by the wonderful people at the Pied Piper Theatre Company. Check out their website for dates and tickets. 

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