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Starry News

I'm thrilled (and amazed!) to announce that the new Year 1 cohort of students at Aylesham Primary School in Kent, is to be called Hay Class from September.

This is a huge honour for me. And I'm very much looking forward to working with Mrs Walker and her students and exploring all sorts of stories beginning with Star in the Jar.

In other news... Congratulations to the students and staff of St James' CE Primary School who recently won the Gold Award and Lionel Shorestone Trophy for their 'Star in the Jar' themed display in Malvern's 'Well Dressing Festival.'

Great work, guys! I'm so pleased you were inspired by Star in the Jar and it was lovely to meet some of you at the end of last term. Huge thanks to your teacher, Mrs Landon, for making me so welcome.


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