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Screaming Sands: The Day The Donkey Dropped Dead

Welcome to Screaming Sands, the ghastliest ghost town in the world! When Doris the donkey drops dead, it seems like the final nail in the coffin for the dull, dreary town of Middle Spit Sands. That is until Davie and Ruby place an advert in the mysterious Darkington Times and some unusual guests start to arrive… Soon the renamed ghost town Screaming Sands is heaving with ghouls, vampires and witches of every variety and businesses are booming. But this surprising success hasn’t gone unnoticed and a TV new crew are on their way to investigate. Will the intrusion from the outside world scare off the town’s spooky guests......

(illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones). 

SS Attack of the Ballistic Blanket.jpg

Screaming Sands: Attack of the Ballistic Blanket

Welcome to Screaming Sands, the ghastliest ghost town in the world! It’s bad enough that Tom has to spend his weekend minding his dad’s dodgy DIY shop, but then a crazy-looking customer brings in a broken electric blanket … that turns out to be a flying carpet with a mind of its own. The blanket promptly kidnaps Tom and whisks him off to a nearby lighthouse – but the weirdness doesn’t stop there. The lighthouse is a prison for souls, captured by mad witch Pallidia, and the only way to stop her involves changing the course of history. The fate of thousands of souls lies on the shoulders of Tom and local girl Ruby – Tom had better hope his DIY skills are up to the job......

(illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones).

SS_Battle of the Beach Freaks 2.jpg

Screaming Sands: Battle of the Beach Freaks

Welcome to Screaming Sands, the ghastliest ghost town in the world! Jess has wanted to be a bridesmaid for ever. So when her aunt is dumped and her dreams are dashed, she puts herself up for hire. But the job she lands is more than she bargained for an undead couple need her help so they can outwit the dastardly Duke of Spooks and tie the knot......

(illustrated by Tom Morgan-Jones)

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